About Us –

Welcome to Be Yogalates.
I’m Lisa Wilson. Nice to meet you!

Be Yogalates is the embodiment of a dream I have had for years – to create a platform where I can connect, inspire, mentor and learn from like minded people and those seeking to develop their Yogalates practice and mindset skills.

A platform for those of us seeking physical and emotional development. For those of us challenged by career, parenthood, self love and a desire to continue to learn and grow physically and emotionally.

Be Yogalates aims to nurture a sense of contribution to ourselves and to others.

You can learn more about “Yogalates” here.

Lisa Wilson xx

About Lisa

I have been a physiotherapist for more than 30 years with a keen interest in sports injuries and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

I also co-founded a chain of multidisciplinary / physiotherapy clinics on the Mornington Peninsula. At Beleura Sports & Spinal, I had an active role in mentoring staff as well as developing hydrotherapy, pilates and movement based programs and treating injuries.

I have always continued my learning in the areas of clinical pilates, strength and conditioning and yoga teacher training.

Through this I developed a true passion for mindful movement, positive mindset and encouraging others in this kind of self care.

Lisa’s Yogalates

With my years of physiotherapy, pilates and yoga experience, I developed an intimate understanding of all body types and how to tailor treatments to individual needs and injuries.

Enter Yogalates!

A sequence of exercises with ethical and structural sound application to movement therapy. Yogalates embodies all levels of fitness by offering modifications and progressions and encourages participants to develop their own body awareness by listening to their own physical and emotional messages.

Participants learn to develop their own footprint on the mat. This deep immersion into self helps to cultivate that awareness in life both on and off the mat.

My classes begin with a centring or landing practice, breath awareness and intention or mind set.

I then use guided cues that aid the recruitment of core strength in static holds, slow flow, dynamic flow and vinyasa.

After a warm up, the class flows through a sequence of exercises to strengthen, stretch, improve balance and alignment. The class concludes with breath awareness, meditation or stillness.

Be Yogalates unsticks anything that is stagnant or stuck physically and emotionally leaving you feeling energised and strong, yet calm with a sense of clarity.

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